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Company info

Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Transfer Systems

Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Transfer Systems

Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Transfer Systems has been supplying PTFE media transfer solutions since 1979 and continues to serve its chosen markets with innovative and competitive products.


  • 1979: Astraflex(UK) was founded as a privately owned company
  • 1980: Teleflex Fluid Transfer Systems USA founded
  • 1991: Teleflex purchases Astraflex
  • 2003: Astraflex changes its trading name to Teleflex Fluid Transfer Systems
  • 2007: Kongsberg Automotive acquires Teleflex Fluid Transfer Systems, Teleflex Automotive and Teleflex Industrial

Read more about our plants in Normanton (UK) and Suffield (US)

Our parent company, Kongsberg Automotive, provides world class products to the global vehicles industry with revenues exceeding Euro 1 Billion. Kongsberg Automotive products enhance the driving experience, making it safer, more comfortable and sustainable.

At KA Fluid Transfer Systems, we design and manufacture specially engineered fluid transfer hose assemblies based on carbon or stainless steel , PTFE and other fluoropolymers, Nylons and other thermoplastics or as combinations.

We serve as a globally leading supplier to the automotive, chemical, oil, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, food and beverage, power, semiconductor and general industrial markets.

We are experts in the markets we serve. Dedicated to customer service, we strive to design real-world solutions with products that are fit for function, cost-effective and reliable.

KA Fluid Transfer Systems has two out of the seven sites that manufacture PTFE lined flexible hoses from raw material to finished hose constructions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our hoses, our state of art manufacturing equipment and advanced technologies. We are accredited to the highest current world standards in manufacturing.

Through our competitive advantage, you can be rest assured that our products—engineered, manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards—will meet your specific needs.

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