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Kongsberg Automotive's patented Fluoro-comp® hose is a preformable composite PTFE hose that gives you the performance and properties of a PTFE hose with the ease of forming and routing of a Nylon or rubber hose.




Preformable patented hose used across numerous high temperature high bend under bonnet applications

Inner layer construction

Smoothbore PTFE tube - PTFE according to “ISO12086, Part 1.PTFE-E.P.D.M 1.6.1.C.E.4_12”

Outer Layer construction

 PTFE impregnated aramid and/or glassfibre braid


Temperature range

-60°C to +260°C (-76°F to +500°F)

Ferrule range available


Fitting range available

Not at present


Forming of the patented Fluoro-comp® hose is done by Kongsberg Automotive to customer specifications.

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Product Details

1/4" Fluoro-comp® - Part No. TFH2001-050
5/16" Fluoro-comp® - Part No. TFH2001-060
3/8" Fluoro-comp® - Part No. TFH2001-070
7/16" Fluoro-comp® - Part No. TFH2001-080
1/2" Fluoro-comp® - Part No. TFH2001-100