Company info

Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Systems pursue to have the best in class overall proposition for their products from cradle to grave. Below you find an overview of these certifications and have the option to download the Certificate.

Quality Certifications

Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Systems is certified to IATF16949 & ISO9001. These are comprehensive quality management systems required by the automotive world , which Kongsberg also apply to their industrial hose products,  allowing to achieve the highest product quality  and having full product traceability back to the raw materials.


Kongsberg Automotive is ISO14001 certified, this is an environmental management system aiming at continuously reducing the environmental impact of the production of their hoses to achieve a cleaner world.



Safety at sea is one of the most demanding applications on the planet and requires the use of proven products that meet safety and performance criteria that will ultimately save lives in the event of an emergency. Because of the isolated and vulnerable environments covering working and living conditions at sea it is critical that safety critical products used on ships and offshore facilities are of a known quality, have been manufactured correctly and are safe to use in approved applications under emergency conditions. Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Systems has a fully approved DNV-GL product range.

Drinking water KTW

Certification of materials and products used in drinking water applications is a requirement in many countries to prevent contamination of the drinking water supplies and protect the health of the consumer. Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Systems have been certified for KTW, not only for the material but also for the manufacturing of the hose itself .


Validation disclaimer

PTFE hoses can be used to convey hazardous fluids, steam and other dangerous materials which can cause personal injury or property damage. The customer is therefore responsible for all validation and testing prior to issuing those assemblies into application.

Pressure testing

The responsibility rests completely on the purchaser to ensure robust and effective testing of every hose assembly before supplying for final use. All hoses are checked extensively throughout all stages of manufacture, and random samples of hose are proof pressure tested. 100% testing can be offered on all products, but does incur a premium. Please contact our sales department.


Standard certificates of conformity and test certificates (hose assemblies) supplied for a nominal fee when requested on customer's purchase order. "Retro" certification will be chargeable at a higher rate. Contact your local KA Fluid System Sales Department for details.