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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responibility

Kongsberg Automotive has clearly defined values that represent the culture and character of our company. Our core values are Passionate, Accountable, Prepared.

By promoting and engaging in sustainable practices, we assure those values are reflected in our products, processes and people. We view this as essential for the long term success of our business.

For years, our company has developed products that reduce environmental impact and ensure compliance with Health & safety and Code of Conduct.

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Environmental responsibility

Improving our environmental performance is essential to meeting our business objectives and customer commitment“

We are have a responsibility to do our part to protect the environment. To do this, we challenge our manufacturing locations to identify potentially damaging environmental impacts and to minimize those impacts by improving our process, management systems and operational efficiency.

KA has the most environmentally friendly PTFE production in the world whether it is pollution prevention through our waste water recycling, the collection and destruction of production gases or the 100% recycling of our waste PTFE and stainless Steel

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