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Kongsberg Fitting program launched

Kongsberg Fitting program launched

Advancing on the Kongsberg Automotive (KA) policy of providing SAFE working, high performance products, we are glad to announce the launch of the new range of PTFE hose fittings and ferrules.

The new KA range of fittings and ferrules have been released to enhance the current range of KA high performance hoses.  The new range has been fully tested and validated in our Automotive test laboratories at 204°C (400°F) temperatures which provides known performance levels at these elevated temperatures.  As higher working temperatures is one of the many benefits of selecting and using PTFE hoses, KA can now offer a proven hose / fitting / ferrule combination for use towards the upper temperature limits of PTFE hose.

Our validation process proves that KA hose and new KA range of fittings and ferrules exceeds minimum burst and exceeds 150 000 impulse cycles.  These tests have been carried out according to SAE J517 100R14 requirements at room temperature and also more importantly at the elevated 204°C (400°F) temperature.

This new KA range of fittings and ferrules removes the need to “mix and match” PTFE hose, fittings and ferrules from various manufactures and allows PTFE hose assemblies to be assembled and used at higher temperatures with confidence.  The use of a validated PTFE hose assemblies with proven performance can result in a noticeable reduction of overall maintenance and running costs.

Initially a significant range of AISI 316L stainless steel terminations are available to support the reach of the new fittings and ferrules.  Carbon steel fittings and ferrules will be launched in the near future.  The more common termination types and sizes are detailed in our catalogue but other variations are available upon request.

To support the new fitting and ferrule range, a comprehensive range of Crimp Data has been compiled as part of the validation process.  This Crimp Data provides all of the required information to allow a SAFE hose to be assembled and tested to meet the comprehensive published performance criteria at room temperature and at elevated 204°C (400°F) temperatures.

Download PTFE Hose Fitting catalogue     Download Crimp Data

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