Our Brake hose Range - What's stopping you?

Our Brake hose Range - What's stopping you?

We are pleased to announce the release of our updated range of solid and translucent PVC coloured, Stainless Steel braided PTFE brake line products to match any body work, colour themes and to offer complete personalisation.

Brake lines are a key safety component of braking systems and need to be regularly checked and maintained to deliver high performance, safe and reliable braking. Though used frequently by OE manufacturers, traditional rubber brake lines are found to expand under pressure, the rubber deteriorates and softens over time resulting in less responsive ‘spongy’ braking feel.

In response to this problem, KA PTFE Brake lines have specially designed braid packages that give superb braking feel, PTFE will not age and is resistance to extreme weather conditions, PTFE is also extremely Hydrophobic which means no water ingresses into your brake lines. These two elements combined, ensure constant reliable and ‘solid’ braking feel. PTFE hose are used extensively through the Autosport & Motorsport industries where HIGH performance during lifetime is guaranteed & Required.

Our Brake hose Colours

PTFE brake hose

We pride ourselves on the quality of our hoses, our state of the art manufacturing equipment and advanced technologies. The KA Brake hose range has undertaken extensive testing in external and our in-house laboratory, each batch is meticulously checked to meet the highest standards ensuring high performance braking, every time and is fully validated to International Standards – SAE J1401, FMVSS 106 & GB 16897.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information or if you have any questions.

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