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Fluoro-Comp® PTFE Hose Range

Fluoro-Comp® PTFE Hose Range

Kongsberg Automotive manufactures the world’s best under-hood flexible fluid transfer hoses. Fluoro-comp®’ s innovative construction bonds a fibreglass and aramid braid to a PTFE liner and offers unrivaled performance and packing properties combined with high standards of safety and security.

This non-metallic reinforced PTFE hose is the perfect solution for providing best in class safety for under-hood fuel, oil and coolant hose applications which require excellent temperature capabilities, high burn-through-resistance and/or very low permeation in combination with pre-formability and flexibility

Hose benefits:

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Fluoro-comp+ ® Hose

Has a double layer of reinforcement consisting 90% fiber glass with 10% aramid fiber. This double layer of braid provides enhanced thermal insulation and improved burn-through-resistance compared to our standard Fluoro-comp®  product. It also provides improved robustness, abrasion resistance and cut resistance while maintaining same preform-radius and routing-capability.

Additional hose benefits to Fluoro-comp®:

Full specifications


Fluoro-comp® and Fluoro-comp+® represent the ultimate solution for industrial and automotive application where performance, weight, safety and security are critical.

Compatible with all standard fuel , bio-, and alternative fuels, oils and coolants in automotive segment even in extreme operating conditions as well compatible with an endless range of fluids and gases used in semi-conductor- , chemical- , pharma- and general industrial segments.
Fluoro-comp® hoses are approved by many OEM’s and industrial customers


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